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ESET and Synetec: Towards Data-Driven Marketing

There’s a lot of chatter out there about automation, artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning. Find out more about this and Data-Driven Marketing by downloading our whitepaper.

Intelligent Prospecting in Sales & Marketing

Prospecting is a crucial element in any outbound sales and marketing strategy, and can make or break a campaign. AI can streamline prospecting and uncover insight that’s beyond any one human’s abilities. Read more about this by downloading our whitepaper.

State of Cloud Adoption in the Marketplace

Last month we interviewed over 50 IT leaders in mid-market organisations (UK based, 50-500 employees) to gauge where companies are in their public cloud journey. The results reveal some strong trends: most companies have undertaken a ‘lift shift’procedure when moving their applications to the cloud and as a result, are not seeing the benefits they expected.