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Welcoming 6 New Starters

Welcoming 6 New Starters

August has been a busy month with plenty of new projects starting. We’re welcoming 6 new starters just this month to add capacity to our technical team. While we’ve continued to expand the team the whole way through the pandemic, this is our biggest hiring spree in a single month. On top of this, we still have one more vacancy for a developer.

The hyper-growth is due to both new customers joining, and many existing ones levelling up their partnership after having seen a great business return from working with us. They are now looking for us to fuel their growth even more and develop their Intellectual Property. 

Who Is Joining Us?

The talent we’re adding to our team is: 

  • 2 x Solutions Architect
  • 2 x Mid Level Developer
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 1 Junior Product Owner
  • … And we still need one more developer who specialises in C# and has Angular experience. Do you know anyone suitable?

All our new colleagues are accredited and accomplished experts. They have also been seen to demonstrate our company values – read more about our PACE characteristics.

A warm welcome to our new team members. We’re truly honoured to have you in our orbit.

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