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Track Record of Angular Development

When looking for Angular development, the best way forward is working with a collaborative team whose customers hold Angular-built apps as a cornerstone of their success. Our award-winning team work with you to help you go from idea to business value at speed.

Building your Intellectual Property is essential for increasing the value of your company. Organisations from startups to publicly listed companies have partnered up with us to create a competitive advantage, fuelling their growth. 

Working with us, you will find us relentless in our pursuit to find solutions for you; our problem-solving ability and commitment to overcome challenges is unrivalled. 

Angular Development by Synetec 

At Synetec, we use Angular as part of our technology stack when a feature-rich UI is a top priority. Used in conjunction with a Domain-Driven microservice back-end architecture, we utilise Angular to build highly scalable, high-performance web applications  

Angular is a powerful, modern, open source JavaScript web development framework. Originally developed by Google, Angular is used to develop feature-rich, robust User Interfaces for the Web.  

For modern web applications that must be accessible to all devices from desktop to mobile, Angular is a top choice. It is possible to develop fully functional user interfaces that work across all devices. No longer do you need to develop a separate mobile site. 

Some Advantages of Angular 

  • Robust, industry-tested technology 
  • Highly testable using tools such as Jasmine and Karma 
  • Distributes much of the application processing to the client web-browser, reducing server side processing requirements and therefore hosting costs. 
  • Adopted by Microsoft and Google

What Our Clients Said

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