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A free for a workshop run by top talent from IBM, Fulham F.C. and Synetec.


  • Andy Raynham: Over 20 years of experience at IBM, a recent addition to the Synetec team.
  • Matt McGrory: IT experience at various high-profile companies such as Fulham F.C. with their ticket sales software.
  • Lisa Venter: Head of Delivery at Synetec. Experienced in managing operation-critical projects in various countries, on three continents.

Discussion Points:

  • Stories from IBM and the IT department at Fulham F.C.
  • How do you ensure successful project delivery, whatever stage you’re at?
  • How do you recognise you’re not on track?
  • How do you address problems and steady your ship?
  • Questions from the audience to help with the specific issues facing you. Option to stay anonymous when posing a question.

At Synetec, we often deal with software projects we’ve taken over from a customer’s internal team or a less successful supplier previously used, and are tasked with delivering a champion product or improving a whole IT department’s working practices.

Our track record means that we have plenty of experience in two critical assignments: 1. Ensuring project success from an early stage, and 2. Coming in and turning a struggling project around.

If you’re in charge of any IT project, you will leave this workshop with knowledge of practical steps to take in order to ensure success.

You may have issues relating to time, resources, the pandemic, or any other problem. You will be able to ask the panel for advice specific to your situation.

Whatever your methodology, agile or waterfall, our panel will be able to advise you on how you can make the most of your resources by ensuring the best practices are in place.

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