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UX Refresh

UX Brings Home the Sales

We refresh and modernise your UX design at speed, without slowing down your development team. We give you the confidence that back-end functionality remains undisturbed while improvements happen at front-end.

We modernise the UX for your systems, so that you don’t have to make the decision between UX and functionality. The truth is that they’re equally important. If you don’t think so, just look at your competitors and think about what it is that’s helping them win and retain customers.  

Ease of use is an essential factor in the decision to buy and to remain as a user. Any potential customers will be impressed by functionality during product demos and trials, making it much easier for you to win them over. 

With UX that puts your best foot forward, you’re able to look at driving business growth without having to worry if the tech will slow you down. Focus on meeting those business goals and leave it for us to get your app to where it needs to be. 

Why Synetec for UX 

Modernising apps can be like playing Jenga if it’s not what you do every day. You may not know which block will fall if you make a move. We have the expertise to ensure that nothing about the back-end of your app will be disturbed while improvements happen at the front-end. Our team has deeper and more rounded knowledge than any UX Designer or UX Developer would. 

We have an award-winning team of international elite talent, from top developers to project delivery gurus. It’s because of our team that we enjoy extremely high customer satisfaction. 

With our track record and our people, it’s no wonder that we won the award for Best critical Environment Software Solutions in 2020. 

What Creates the Magic

Some of the business benefits of a UX Refresh done by Synetec:  

  • Development work doesn’t get disturbed or slowed down. Your devs can keep their focus on the development queue while we handle the app refresh. 
  • Your app gets the new outfit it deserves and needs to attract new business and support marketing and sales goals 
  • You will get ahead of competition with the fresh look and the ease of use  
  • A web app often seems to work better with a reskin, as the user experience improves, even though none of the underlying functionality has changed. A UX Refresh is a low cost, low risk way or breathing new life into an existing system. This option gives much better ROI and is quicker than a complete re-do of the application 

What Our Clients Said

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