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Bespoke Application Support

Support for Bespoke Applications

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel and build new software from scratch to get the results your business needs. Giving your legacy apps expert support, will improve performance and availability. With us, you can also enhance them to make sure your apps are not just pulling their weight but also delivering business value for you.

It’s up to you to decide where you want to take your legacy app. If you’re looking for a light touch, we can keep your system running smoothly so you have maximum system availability with your critical business operations. 

If you’re looking for a more drastic improvement, leave it for us to migrate the app to a new tech stack and create new features. 

Whatever the road you take with us, the outcome will be a system that is once again an enabler rather than an impediment for you. 

Benefits of Synetec App Support 

  • Expertly maintained and supported software gives our clients peace of mind and confidence while they focus their attention elsewhere in the business
  • Systems are guaranteed to remain constantly fit-for-purpose
  • We fill a skills gap with top talent without giving you the recruitment pain
  • Reduced dependency on single resources – no keyman dependency, instead you have access to the talent of a whole team
  • We identify the need for enhancements through meticulous testing
  • Challenging enhancements are delivered quickly
  • You can rely on our best-practice, transparent and fully documented approach
  • Reduce IT spend and budget easily with predictable costs

How to Get Started 

Once you’ve made contact, our collaborative approach will walk you through the steps it takes to achieve maximum system efficiency and availability.

Once we’ve rolled up our sleeves and gotten to work, you’ll be able to manage operational risk and resilience and improve business continuity. You can also free up capacity for internal resources to focus elsewhere while app support is handled by seasoned experts.

What Our Clients Said

Let’s get your systems up to scratch. Contact us for a chat on how to make it happen.