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Award-Winning Synetec AI

Double Your Sales Performance in 12 weeks with AI 

Every company sits on a mountain of data from various sources. What are you doing with yours? Is your data strategy mature enough to reveal new understanding to business leaders? Meet Synetec AI for Sales and Marketing. 

Our AI achieved a 660% fundraising revenue increase for Comic Relief. It also enabled a 178% marketing-to-revenue increase for ESET. The average sales improvement has been 150% across all users. 

The AI tells you which companies are ready to buy from you right now. Machine Learning uncovers the best prospects for your sales and marketing, meaning you achieve maximum performance and don’t waste time on dead leads. 

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Try a Slice Before Having the Whole Cake

We take the hassle out of implementation, so you can focus on selling and marketing. The ease of use, added to the benefits offered by the trial, together create a unique model not found anywhere else. 

The success of our AI has made us so confident that we can guarantee a minimum 100% sales boost as a result of the first phase. 

We have UK’s top data scientist from the University of Cambridge, on our team as well as our international project delivery gurus.  

It’s no wonder we won the award for Top Artificial Intelligence Software, as well as the SME Technology Innovation Excellence Award.

What Our Clients Said

What We Offer: 

  • Award-winning lead-generation tool: Top Artificial Intelligence Software according to Goodfirms
  • Try before going for a long term commitment. 
  • Flexibility to refine your requirements over time. 
  • Secure service delivered from an FCA approved environment. 
  • Guaranteed improvement. 

How It Works:

  • We take the hassle out of implementation. Just leave it for us to do. 
  • The AI integrates into your existing sales and marketing tools.  
  • Contact details of your prime targets are fed directly into your CRM. 
  • After 12 weeks, sales performance is guaranteed to be up at least 100%. 
  • Sign up for an ongoing service after the trial, because you’ll want to.

Phase 1: 12 Week Proof-of-Value  

The first phase is a no-risk gateway into the performance boost that Data Science gives. You receive an initial list of 1,000 companies that are ripe for the picking, with contact details of the best personnel to target.  

Phase 2: Continued Delivery and Expansion 

Continue with a monthly service to receive a fresh list of prime targets each month.  

This stage also expands the reach of Artificial Intelligence further through prospect insights such as identifying their reason to buy from you. 

How We Do AI

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