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Ping Pong with the Team

Last week saw us getting together at Bounce Ping Pong for some entertainment and snacks to celebrate the successes of the last year. Customer satisfaction has remained stellar, which is testament to the skills of our Product Owners and developers. The work put in by all departments has meant that the company has kept growing at a very healthy rate, even amidst a global pandemic.

We’ve introduced a lot more members to our team recently. An evening of ping pong made for a nice welcome to new colleagues as this was the first face-to-face event for many. While we do these events quarterly, recent ones have been virtual for obvious reasons.

Picking up PACE 

Our quarterly events are also a chance to celebrate our PACE awards. PACE refers to our company values which help us stay a strong team. The P in PACE stands for Pulling together, the A is for Accountability, C is for Challenging the norm, and E is for Exceeding expectations.

For the PACE awards, everyone votes for a person who has shown the four characteristics the most. We have one winner for P, one for A, etc. Our winners tend to be a mixture of old and new faces, and so was the case this time around as well.

Are you interested in joining Synetec? We’re always looking for new talent, so go see our vacancies.

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