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Our Ethos

We’re a team that inspire each other every day.

We share our knowledge, celebrate our successes and take responsibility to overcome challenges. We know 100% that we can rely on each other to deliver. We don’t work in a siloed way, for individual success. We pull together, we deliver together, we win together. 

Most importantly: we have a great time together. 

What Our Team Say

Pulling together as a team

We take responsibility, keep a positive mindset and are people who can always be relied on. We inspire our colleagues by sharing knowledge, experience and a dedication to achieving shared goals.

Accountable for our actions 

We take accountability and give a personal commitment, always going the extra mile to achieve our promises. We hold each other to the highest standards, working collaboratively and with dedication in all our actions. 

Challenging the norm

We are always learning, improving and questioning how we do things in a culture of continuous improvement. We challenge each other respectfully through honest conversations, working as a team to identify new solutions.

Exceeding expectations 

We don’t accept second best; we see challenges as a chance to improve our skills and we embrace that opportunity. We see every challenge as an opportunity to be part of the solution, working collaboratively to achieve the best outcome. 

Synetec Careers

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