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Methods Matter in Cloud Adoption

Throughout 2020, Covid-19 has forced many businesses to quickly reassess many of their working practices, including the shift away from traditional server technology in favour of cloud-based applications.

With the speed they needed to make those moves, many businesses have been left not realising the full potential of cloud adoption and not experiencing the benefits they’d initially hoped for.

In a recent research project, Synetec set out to gauge where 50 mid-market organisations (UK based, 50 – 500 employees) were in their public cloud journey and how any moves had benefitted their businesses; the results revealed some strong trends.

The curse of the lift and shift

44.64% of companies interviewed said that they had adopted a lift and shift approach to moving their applications over to the public cloud without making any modifications to align to their business requirements. As a result, the exact same percentage of companies had not experienced the benefits they’d expected. The main benefits they felt they had missed out on were:

  • Reduced operational support costs – 35.71%
  • Improved reliability – 35.71%
  • Improved performance – 32.14%
  • Increased business agility – 26.79%

With a lift and shift approach to cloud adoption, the results aren’t surprising. In reality, the issue that companies face isn’t with the public cloud itself but in the software applications that are being run.

Tapping into the full potential of the cloud

To get the most from the public cloud, businesses should be taking advantage of the built-in functions and DevOps tooling inherent in the environment. There are out-of-the box and pre-built features and functions within cloud environments which many businesses either aren’t aware of or don’t have the internal skills to make use of them.. Not using these native tools means not tapping into the full potential of cloud computing. This results in organisations seeing a perceived lack of value and benefits from running applications in the cloud.

Improved flexibility, faster improvements

When trying to go it alone with cloud adoption, many companies also perceive making changes to their applications as a drain on their time and resources. The cloud-native features enable the scaling up or down of applications as needed, depending on the workload the business is experiencing, but many aren’t utilising those features. Companies who are experiencing successful cloud adoption understand that they have application architecture which enables them to make quick changes to the code without impacting other aspects of the application. In short, their improvements become faster to implement.

Making the move in the right way

Although companies feel they need to move at pace to keep their businesses running efficiently, they also need to make sure it isn’t a wasted effort by not maximising the functions and tooling that’s available. By working with a trusted partner to make their move over to the cloud efficient and seamless, they can experience all the benefits they expect.

One of our recent clients who tasked us with moving them over to the cloud rather than making the change on their own said:

“When moving our applications to the cloud it was imperative that the move was seamless to maintain our high service standards for our customers, and that the right functionality was in place to support our ambitions for growth. Working with our trusted partner, Synetec, we were able to collaborate with their team so that they understood our requirements and delivered exactly what we needed. As a result, we have improved reliability and performance, which in turn has made us more agile as a business; solidifying a positive user experience.”

Carl Jani, Co-CEO, Argentex

Download our Market Report on cloud adoption here.

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