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The Magic of Great UX

Users demand great functionality and intuitive design from any software application reactive, intelligent interface is a major driver of customer conversion and retention.

Any potential customers will be impressed by functionality during product demos and trials, making it much easier for you to win them over. 

With UX that puts your best foot forwardyoure able to looat driving business growth without having to worry if the tech will slow you down. Focus on meeting those business goals and leave it for us to get your app to where it needs to be.

Case Study on the Impact of UX

Our customer SCQuARE International deliver unique training programmes and strategy workshops and have world-renowned clients including GSK, Novartis, PepsiCo and General Mills.

With a UX Refresh, SCQuARE’s customers are receiving better functionality and vastly improved customisation options. This more reactive interface positively drives customer retention as it’s now easier to use, lives up to SCQuARE’s values and keeps end users engaged.

SCQuARE are able to better keep up with changes in the market as they now have the ability to continually enhance and improve the platform without any risk of major outages or disruptions.

“Synetec understand the nuances of our system, so they’re able to suggest improvements based on their industry expertise. Their developers were quick to grasp our technology and put ideas into practice.”

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE

Read through the case study.

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