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Feeding 1,000 Children to Celebrate the England Team

Let’s remind ourselves of how well the England team have done in reaching second place at the Euros. We’re proud of the success of the Three Lions and we’re celebrating it the Synetec way. 

The cost of distributing 1,000 meals to children in need will be covered by us. Our contribution is made via FareShare, a food charity supported by England squad member Marcus Rashford MBE. 

Marcus is a very active ambassador of FareShare. He is campaigning to end child food poverty and has launched the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, a group of more than 15 organisations including FareShare. You can find more information on how to participate in his fight against child food poverty here

The donation is in addition to our usual charitable work and shows our continued commitment to supporting underprivileged children. We are long term supporters of DEBRA and NSPPC, and also organise additional support to children who have a specific need we can fulfil. For example, last year we helped a school create a create a COVID-safe learning space for the children of key workers.

While some people may be disappointed with Marcus’ performance on the pitch yesterday, the truth is that he showed great courage under tremendous pressure. Our PACE values align with the behaviour he has demonstrated on and off the pitch.

Marcus has achieved great things in improving the lives of millions of children. He is someone all football fans can be proud of.

2021 has to be the year of change and to commit to combat child food poverty across the UK once and for all. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that any one of us could fall into unforeseen circumstances. Now is the time for action.

Marcus Rashford MBE

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