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Case Study

Efficiency Boost in Public Sector IT Operations

TerraQuest Solutions are a land referencing business providing GIS and Data Services. They worked with us to become faster and more efficient at delivering software projects both on their own and in conjunction with partners.

TerraQuest Solutions are a specialist land referencing business providing GIS and Data Services to both Public and Private businesses.

Their expertise positioned them as the best candidate to build and deliver the Planning Portal for England and Wales in a Joint Venture with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. TerraQuest have been driving this service since 2016 and have dramatically improved it is delivered to councils and the public alike.

In late 2018 TerraQuest made the strategic decision to undergo a business transformation programme that included expanding their internal software development capability to facilitate the increased workload and adopt agile practices to keep up with the demands of their customers.

The existing software development team had two distinct challenges. Firstly, it was facing a period of massive growth but existing practices had been established when the team was smaller. Secondly, the development tools used by the team had been implemented as individual point solutions and not part of a strategically aligned process.

TerraQuest wanted to move to a best practice model of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and for help with that roadmap, they turned to Synetec for assistance.

Our Business-Changing Solution

To assist TerraQuest, Synetec delivered a package of work consisting of two distinct services.

The first service was a DevOps Tooling Review. This took the form of a four-stage process, detailed in the downloadable case study.

The second service was the implementation of a company-wide development approach of Agile SCRUM. This involved working with TerraQuest to establish the best elements of Agile SCRUM for their specific business needs. Critically, a manageable framework was created to ensure that it could be freely adopted into the business.

Once this stage was completed, Synetec set about supporting TerraQuest in establishing the new rituals involved, such as changes in estimation process, retrospectives, and collective responsibility for the success of each Sprint.

To achieve business change, Synetec was able to help establish documentation and structured training and mentoring to model the approach and get Agile culture embedded in the TerraQuest team.

“A key business benefit from the engagement with Synetec is that we now have a clear roadmap on how we can execute the business strategy and understanding of both how to run a true agile development operation and the best DevOps tools to use to support this; and have successfully transitioned to implement these.”

David Bellamy, Operations Director, TerraQuest

The Results

The outcome of the adoption of Agile SCRUM and CI/CD with Synetec has meant that TerraQuest has become self-sufficient in maintaining a culture of best practice software development.

The DevOps tool set for CI/CD continues to improve and this is now an active component of their development process with key expertise recruited to further improve TerraQuest DevOps capability.

TerraQuest are getting faster and more efficient at delivering software projects both on their own and in conjunction with third party partners like Synetec.

See the download for further details.

Engaging with Synetec throughout the process enabled us to become faster and more efficient at delivering complex software development projects. The engagement also provided the business with a stronger platform to not only attract but successfully recruit and onboard talented people at an exciting time for the business. I would recommend any organisation looking to embark upon an agile technology business transformation to talk to Synetec to experience benefits and achieve the successful outcomes they can bring to your business.

Laurie Cunningham, Solutions Director, TerraQuest

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